Corrections | Holiday 2010

Written by Administrator
Monday, 28 February 2011 17:33

PATTERN #3 Drape Front Jacket

photo on page 62, instructions begin on page 95.
Updated: 11Feb2011

Correction is underlined

Pick up as directed around entire neck edge, including the front bands.
DELETE the following instruction - Purl next row.
Work Row 1 (RS) as directed, the RS of Collar is WS of sweater. Continue as directed.


PATTERN #8 Cable Yoke Pullover

photo on page 67, instructions begin on page 101.
Updated: 28Feb2011

Page 102

Joining rnd

Work as written.
For sizes Small (Medium) only
Next rnd Knit, dec 2 (2) sts on left sleeve, 2 (2) sts on front, 2 (2) sts on right sleeve, 0(2) sts on back - 210 (224) sts.