Corrections | Winter 2008/09


Corrections are underlined.

Almeara Gloves

photo on page 38, instructions begin on page 40
Updated: 01Apr2014

Rnd 4
K9, p1, k4, p1, k1.

Rnd 4 P3, k8, p8.

Rnd 4
K1, p1, k4, k9.

Left glove chart, row 47: 10th and 11th sts from end of row should be purls.


PATTERN #1 Lace Scarf

photo on page 52, instructions begin on page 80
Updated: 17Feb2009

A corrected chart has been posted. [PDF 33K]


PATTERN #2 Cropped Turtleneck

photo on page 53, instructions begin on page 80
Updated: 16Jan2009

Beg chart pat

Work rows 1 and 2 as written. Rep these 2 rows once more, working rows 3 and 4 of cable/bobble chart.


PATTERN #4 Raglan Jacket

photo on pages 55, instructions begin on page 82
Updated: 19Feb2009

Beg lace pat
Next row (WS)
P7 (6, 6), inc 1 st in next st; rep from * 6 (8, 10) times more, end p1 (8, 8) – 64 (80, 96) sts.


PATTERN #5 Hooded Jacket

photo on pages 56 & 57, instructions begin on page 82
Updated: 03Feb2009

Armhole shaping

......Work following chart through row 50 (56).
Next row (RS) Knit across and bind off 27 sts, k until there are 27 sts on RH needle, bind off rem 27 sts.

HOOD Sew shouders tog. Work in seed st across the 17 right front sts, the 27 back neck sts, and the 17 left front sts – 61 sts.

Next (dec) row (RS) Work 28 sts in seed st, p2tog, k1, p2tog, work in seed st to end – 59 sts. Work 1 row even. Rep dec row once more – 57 sts. Using the 3-needle bind off from the WS, join the top of the hood.


PATTERN #13 Buckle Trim Pullover

photo on page 65, instructions begin on page 93
Updated: 03Jun2009

INSTEAD OF Chart 2, should read Chart C
Rnd 5 P1, k1, *p2, RT; rep from *, end p2, k1, p1.

Beg chart pats - for all sizes
Work Row 1 as instructed BUT work 50 sts following revised chart C (work the first 2 sts once, the 4-st rep 11 times, the last 4 sts once)
Click here to download the corrected chart (PDF 27K)


PATTERN #15 Belted Cardigan

photo on page 67, instructions begin on page 96
Updated: 16Jan2009

Chart A
Rnd 10
Sts 5 and 12 should be worked as Rev St st, knit on WS.


PATTERN #16 Belted Cardigan

photos on page 68 and 69. Instructions begin on page 97.
Updated: 08Apr2009

A corrected chart has been posted. Click here to download (PDF 32k).

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